Kentucky Ornithological Society

KOS Grants

The Kentucky Ornithological Society (KOS) provides grants from our various funds that support educational programs, research, publications and conservation efforts. Our grants make a difference!

If you are interested in applying for a grant from a KOS fund you can open and download an application packet that leads you through the process.

Learn more about the KOS funds by visiting the Sponsored Funds page. On that same page, you can review the latest Funds Report for information about how some recent grants have been used.

Brief descriptions of our funds are below. If you know which fund you want to apply to, you can download an application packet right from this page. If you need more information about the funds first, you can jump to the funds page, and apply from there.

Anne L. Stamm Avian Education Fund

Supports educators and programs that teach young people about avifauna in Kentucky.

Burt Monroe, Jr., Avian Research Fund

Fund grants support basic science research related to ornithology.

Gordon Wilson Fund

Grants to help finance and publish ornithological research, and to fund fellowships and scholarships.

Virginia and Wendell Kingsolver Scholarship Fund

Funds are available to pay tuition for a young birder from Kentucky between the ages of 13 and 18 to attend an American Birding Association Young Birder Summer Camp.